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ANRU–AFD Partnership


A framework agreement between the two agencies was signed on 14 June 2011 and renewed on 29 May 2013 for a two-year term.

It aims to :

  • Respond to the need to structure the ANRU’s international activity faced with increased demand from foreign delegations;
  • Make this activity more operational and limit internal mobilisation.

The objectives included in the agreement :

  • Organise, structure and facilitate the international availability of the ANRU’s network of experts (internal and external), within the framework of partnerships and programmes supported by the AFD;
  • Develop exchanges between the two organisations with the objective of enhancing the projects of each and developing possible innovative approaches.

Results for the ANRU and the AFD

The ANRU’s contribution 

  • Increase in French expertise in urban renewal: the ANRU’s staff and its professional network;
  • Confirmation of the strategies developed  within the National Urban Renewal Programme with regard to the international experiences observed;
  • Enhanced future reflection on the continuation of the urban renewal policy.

The AFD ’s contributions

  • Development of its internal expertise on urban restructuring;
  • Access to a network of experts  who can provide technical support to the projects financed by the AFD;
  • Support in foreign partner reflection on public urban renewal policies (South African Republic, Mexico).

Initiatives undertaken since 2011

Theme 1 – Pilot cooperation schemes 

Theme 2 - Identification of expertise

Theme 3 – Cooperation schemes between the two agencies

Exchange days between AFD and ANRU agents on the various activities of the agencies and missions carried out within the framework of the partnership.

And the “seven country sheets” accessible via the link sent in the main body of my email :  

Nouveau Programme National de Renouvellement Urbain

Programme National pour la Rénovation Urbaine

Investissements d’avenir

L’ANRU opérateur de 6 programmes en faveur de la jeunesse et de la ville et des territoires durables.

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Quartiers Anciens

Programme National de Requalification des Quartiers Anciens Dégradés (PNRQAD)

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Ministère de la Cohésion des territoires
Inauguration 22ème Salon des Maires d’Ile-de-France
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