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Technical assistance and approval of the Saint-Quintin Urban Renewal Project

The context

The Saint Quentin high-rise property development was built at the start of the 70s to house nickel workers. These buildings, initially comprising 580 apartments, were the first “skyscrapers” ever built on the Territory of New Caledonia. The area belongs to a single social landlord: Société Immobilière de Nouvelle-Calédonie (SIC).

The housing zone is derelict and unsuited to the Caledonian way of life, there is a lack of public facilities, services and businesses, and its image is poor in relation to the urban areas of Nouméa and the Territory of New Caledonia.

Coopération en Nouvelle-Calédonie - Assistance technique et labellisation du PRU de Saint-Quentin

The Saint Quentin Urban Renewal Project (PRU) is consistent with projects undertaken in metropolitan France, supported by the ANRU: global urban project, interventions in the built environment to respond to the expectations of inhabitants (housing demolition/restoration/ reconstruction), improvement to the living environment through the construction or improvement of facilities, services and local businesses, social and financial support for families in difficulty, dialogue with inhabitants.

A technical assistance agreement between the ANRU, the government of New Caledonia, the SIC and the AFD

New Caledonia is not eligible for financial aid from the ANRU due to the legislative framework under which the agency operates. However, the expertise that the ANRU has been able to develop since 2003 in nearly 500 areas of metropolitan France and overseas territories can effectively benefit this project, the only one of its type and scale on Caledonian territory. The Government of New Caledonia and the SIC therefore asked for the support of the AFD and the technical assistance of the ANRU (paid activity) in continuing the Saint Quentin PRU.

Coopération en Nouvelle-Calédonie - Assistance technique et labellisation du PRU de Saint-Quentin

The main objective of the agreement, signed on 21 May 2013, is to guarantee the approach taken by the SIC and its partners in the management of the project through the ANRU’s technical support on three themes :

  • Theme 1: the ANRU’s “approval” of the project;
  • Theme 2: methodological and technical support for local agents involved in the projects;
  • Theme 3: training for agents involved in the project and networking with authorities faced with similar problems.

Support provided for the implementation of the Saint Quentin PRU

A mission was carried out in New Caledonia in May 2013 by an ANRU expert to provide methodological support on the implementation of the PRU (definition of the project, operational organisation), prepare the ANRU’s approval and promote the development of skills and networking with other agents involved in urban renewal.

A Caledonian delegation travelled to the ANRU on 25 November 2013 for the committee of experts in charge of directing the project with a view to its approval.


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